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Our Blog | Advice on In Ground Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance

Buyer Beware: Choosing a pool builder for the lowest price

Posted by Larry Rogers on Fri, Mar 16, 2012

Everyone wants a good deal on a major purchase and no one wants to overpay.  However, you also want to make sure you do not get cheated and do get the best value for your dollar.

When it comes to selecting a pool contractor for a major home improvement project, these desires really hit home. In particular, building a new swimming pool is a prime example of such a project. 

To ensure that you get the most for your money, it’s crucial to resist the temptation to choose your builder primarily on price—particularly if it is significantly lower than other bids you receive.

Here’s why: Low-priced contractors are often the ones who cut corners on a variety of fronts.  For example, they may operate without proper business insurance, liability insurance, workers comp insurance, or property-damage insurance.  In states where a license is required, as it does in Arkansas, the low-ball firms are often those without one.

They may install cheaper equipment or brands with poor warranties.  They may use low-quality materials or skimp on the required amounts.  They may rely on crews and subcontractors who charge less—due to limited skills, experience, or an unfavorable reputation among local pool builders.

Sometimes a low-ball price is a sign of desperation.  A builder may sell a pool virtually at his cost.  Why?  While he may make only slim or no profit, he may be on a money treadmill; he will take the job just in order just to keep cash flowing to pay the rent or the bills on his last customer’s project. 

Remember: To make profit to stay in business, any good business needs to charge enough for their product or service.  The same is true for pool contractors. 

However, a contractor staying in business is important not only for them—but for homeowners too.  You want your contractor to be around to take care of any warranty issues that may arise!

Certainly, your budget must be a major factor in guiding what you purchase.  However, it should not be the primary factor in guiding you with whom to make that purchase.

Weigh factors such as local reputation, length of time in business, financial stability, scope and depth of insurance coverage, expertise of the designer, and the quality and scope of equipment offerings.  Above all, when shopping for a pool builder, seek overall, long-term value.


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To Winterize or not to Winterize Your Pool

Posted by Larry Rogers on Fri, Sep 23, 2011

The pros and cons of leaving your pool open year-round:

The Good

1. Pools are beautiful: Whether it's 98 degrees in June or 32 degrees in January, moving water is great to listen to and enjoy. This is especially true with snow on the ground.

2. Spring Clean Up: Because pool owners often reopen for the season in May, by that point the pool has quite a bit of algae and/or other debris in it. Although this can usually be removed within a couple of days, leaving a pool open year-round means that it won't start to see nearly the same issues, especially in terms of algae, as one that's closed.

 The Bad

1. Losing Electricity: Fortunately for us here in arkansas our winters aren't that demanding. However in the event power goes out, a few blankets thrown of the plumbings pipes at the equipment pad generally will suffice. Another option would be to have the use of a portable generator.

2. Cost of Electricity: Although most pool owners now have variable speed pumps, an extra 4-6 months of usage does cost at least a few hundred dollars in most cases.

3. Salt System Will Not Be On: Even though this is not a huge deal, it's one that people often forget, and that's the fact that salt chlorine generators do not work when the water temperature drops below a certain level, usually around 60 degrees. With the cool temperatures though, water sanitation isn't nearly as much of a problem as algae will not grow during the winter months.

 If you are planning on winterizing your pool:

Part of maintaining a swimming pool, spa or hot tub includes preparing it for those months when you won't be using it. Also referred to as "closing your pool," or "pool closing," the time to tackle this task varies, depending on the climate or region in which you live. Most experts believe that pools should be closed for the season when nighttime temperatures are in the 40s and daytime highs are in the mid 60s to low 70s. If you close it too soon, you risk the possibility of algae overgrowth. If you wait until trees really start to shed their leaves, obviously you've got a big mess to contend with. Read more...

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Inground Pool Builder Selection Points to Consider

Posted by Larry Rogers on Sun, Jun 12, 2011

Looking to select an inground pool builder.  This is a big decision for most home owners who have never built a pool before.  Asking questions and doing the appropriate amount of research is in order.  Here are a few points you might consider asking and / or checking out:

Ask your potential builder if they are incorporated and registered in good standing with the Secretary of State's Office in Arkansas.  If so, then what year were they incorporated as a corporation, this will provide you how long they have been in business under that current company name.  This is public information and easy to check out for yourself.

Ask to meet them at their place of business.  Check out their organization and their ability to support your project long after the construction is complete.  If they do not have a place of business, beware!

pool companies in arkansas

Belonging to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) means nothing.  All the BBB wants is a company's money in the form of an annual fee. Most any company today can pay the fee and belong to this organization. Same applies to the local Chamber of Commerce. Angie's List is the same kind of venue.

Ask to see a copy of their Liability Insurance.  If they can not provide you this, chances are, they don't have it.  Otherwise, your homeowners insurance will end up covering any liability should one occur on your property if something goes wrong.  This is the last thing you need.


inground pool builders insurance

You can always ask for references from previous customers, however, this is usually a waste of time.  Testimonials generally are ALWAYS from customers who had a decent or nice experience. Sometimes its just good business to just go with your "gut" feel about the person and the company they represent.  

Perhaps this will give you some insight as what to look for and ask your potential pool company / builder and the manner in which they respond to your requests.  





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Swimming Pool Safety Device

Posted by Larry Rogers on Fri, Jan 28, 2011

If you are considering an inground swimming pool and are concerned for your children's safety, you might want to watch this video on a DIY (do it yourself) installation that is an economical and a cost effective solution to monitor your backyard space. 



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