Concrete Pool Construction Process

This is a brief description of a typical concrete in-ground swimming pool installation. It varies somewhat on our more complex projects. Proper execution of each stage is critical to the success of the next stage.

#1                                 PLANS
Little rock pool plan                                  


The Process at Parrot Bay Pools begins with a detailed plan from our pool design department. This is the foundation for your project to be completed as you envision. Most projects are presented in 3D visualization.

#2                              PRE-GRADE  
Pool Construction Little Rock

The actual pool construction process is underway! Any demolition required is completed at this time. We also pre-grade the pool area as needed to ensure the pool area is at the proper level for your pool's placement.

#3                              EXCAVATION
Little Rock Pool Shape

The swimming pool is formed to the proper elevation and excavated to the proper depths. At this point your pool is over-excavated by a foot to allow for the final structure. The complete pool is contoured by hand while excess soil is removed from the site.

#4                                PLUMBING
Searcy In ground Pool Builders

After excavation, all rigid schedule 40 plumbing is installed in the pool and spa. We use 3", 2.5" and 2" pipe. If you have decided to have the Cyclean in-floor pool circulation system installed, it is pre-plumbed at this time. All circulation pipes are pressure tested.

#5                                   STEEL
Arkansas Pool Contractors

Before the steel is installed, a 4" to 6" layer of class 'A' gravel in spread over the floor of the pool. The skeleton of the pool is all grade 40 steel throughout. This is what holds the structure of the pool together. We use #3 and #4 bars according to the soil conditions and depths of your pool.

#6                                  GUNITE
Gunite Pool

After the steel is installed and passes municipal inspection, the shell of the pool is shot in place. A dry mix Gunite is pneumatically applied to ensure the correct density of the structure.

#7                              TILE/COPING
Pool Stone and Tile

Ceramic Tile of your choice is placed at the water line. Now it is really starting to look like a pool!

#8                                   DECK
Stamped Concrete Conway AR

Your pool deck is now formed for pouring. The deck material chosen by you is now poured in place. We do everything from broom finished concrete to stamped / decorative concrete.              

#9                              EQUIPMENT
Cabot Pool Builder

Pool filtration equipment is installed on the concrete pad that was poured at the deck pouring stage. All electrical hook-ups are completed.

#10                              PUNCH LIST

All punch list items are taken care of at this time. This ensures your pool is complete when filled with water.

#11                              PLASTER
pool finishes

The swimming pool is now cleaned and prepared for the plaster. Once cleaned, two coats of marble plaster are applied. Filling the pool with water usually follows within a few hours.

#12                              START-UP
Maumelle Concrete Pool

 Once your swimming pool is filled, one of our service technicians will come and start the equipment. Water is tested at this time and a chemical balance is started.

#13                               INSTRUCTIONS

A convenient time for you and your spouse is set for pool school. Our technicians will explain complete operation of your particular system.

#14                        ENJOY YOUR NEW POOL!   
Little Rock concrete pool